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Wellness Care

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" That saying holds true for horses also. As part of our routine care we provide vaccinations, deworming, Coggins testing and brand inspections, and dental care. At the time of service we can discuss any issues you may have with your horse including nutritional needs, training programs, geriatric care, etc..

Acute Care

We offer care for your horse in case of colic, sickness, lameness, injury, metabolic problems. We provide indoor and outdoor hospitalization, including intravenous fluids.  Our in-house laboratory provides rapid CBC, serum chemistry, and fecal flotation (by centrifugation) results. Outside laboratory results are obtained within 24 hours. Emergency care for our regular clients is provided on a 24 hour basis.


We offer comprehensive modern dentistry for equines of all sizes.  Please see our dentistry page.


We offer full mare reproductive examinations, including speculum exam, palpation, ultrasonography, uterine culture, and biopsy.  We are experienced in artificial insemination with shipped cooled and frozen semen.  We prefer to do most of this work in our hospital, where we have a clean, safe, indoor facility with stocks.  We can also board your mare (and foal) until the breeding process is complete. We offer limited stallion care services, including collection and shipping. 

Purchase Examinations

An extensive physical examination and lameness evaluation is offered by us prior to purchasing a horse. The information gathered by the veterinarian is used by the prospective buyer and/or agent to determine whether the horse will be sound for it's intended use. The exam often includes laboratory testing/drug screening, radiographs, ultrasonography, and reproductive and dental examinations.  We use a customized form to record results for the potential buyer to review.  We prefer to do these exams at our hospital so that we can utilize both indoor and outdoor examination facilities, including round-pen and asphalt jogging surface.

Geriatric Care

Aged horses can have sub-clinical health care issues that can be identified and treated before they become a problem. If your horse is over 15 years of age we recommend a complete physical examination and blood testing to establish baseline values.

Lameness Examination

Evaluate the locomotion of your horse. We use a variety of techniques to identify the source(s) of lameness including physical examination and palpation, flexion tests, and joint and nerve blocks. Radiography, ultrasound, and laboratory tests help us to further evaluate the source of your horse's lameness.


Standing or recumbent surgery of the horse is performed for castration (including cryptorchids), biopsy and laceration repair. More complicated procedures may be referred to a specialist.


Specialized Procedures



Uses sound waves to evaluate soft tissues like tendons and ligaments, reproductive organs, lumps, and tumors. It is painless and non-invasive.


Uses x-rays to visualize bone for abnormalities including arthritic changes, fractures, ocd, bone cysts and bone infection.


Utilizes a fiber optic device for evaluating the upper airway of the horse, including the larynx, sinuses and guttural pouches. The trachea and upper esophagus can also be examined with this flexible device. Useful in prepurchase examinations, pneumonias, or reactive airway disease.


Is a procedure that measures the intraocular pressure of the eyeball and is useful in detecting glaucoma and uveitis.

Laser Therapy In Equine Medicine 

Laser therapy is an important adjunct to rehabilitating and accelerating the healing of many common lameness issues, including tendon and suspensory injuries such as tears, tendonitis, synovitis and tenosynovitis, osteoarthritis, back disorders, and wound healing.  Learn about the capabilities of laser therapy for treating a wide range of conditions in the equine athlete.